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Cottages sleep 6 in rural Somerset

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
Dog friendly for 6
Self catering for 6

sleeps 6

Rural holiday cottages sleep 6 - for break in the countryside


When choosing somewhere to stay, people often want a peaceful noise free location to get a good night's sleep and a country cottage provides the solution. Even when planning to visit towns and cities, a rural location on the outskirts is the best option if you want peaceful nights and travel to the various sights and places of interest from there.

Some people adore the countryside and love to spend time in it. Those farm scenes of cows grazing contentedly in green fields and a tractor ploughing up and down whilst birds make the most of the ploughed furrows and follow searching for grubs either attract you or not. If you like being surrounded by greenery, narrow country lanes where few cars venture, then a cottage holiday in the country would be successful.

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rural cottages sleep 6


Rural holidays for 6 with a step back in time

Years ago, it was possible to have a country break and see lots of houses and farms where chickens ran about freely, flocks of geese, ducks and turkeys. All this has gone from rural areas in the UK - virtually all poultry is confined to barns.

Go on holiday to Eastern Europe for a step back in time where there are hens running around loose everywhere, old fashioned hand-built hay stacks in fields and horse drawn ploughs. All this still exists and you can see it. Book a holiday cottage anywhere in eastern Europe; Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and bring your camera to capture these romantic scenes. We all love these rural scenes, just book a cottage in the country, come armed with Wellington boots and satisfy your love of the countryside.