cottages sleep 6

holiday cottage sleeps 6 BBQ

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
Dog friendly for 6
Self catering for 6

sleeps 6

Holiday cottages sleep 6 - with a BBQ


self catering cottages with BBQSausage and burgers grilling on the BBQ at your holiday cottage - once you get the coals glowing. Gas barbecues make outdoor cooking as easy as on a kitchen stove without any fanning of flames. Cooking outside on holiday can be as much fun as eating, and if it's problematic, that's something to laugh over later.

If you're serious about BBQ food and the type of barbecue matters to you, spend a little time finding out which holiday cottages have the type you prefer. Successful self catering is all in the detail.

Click on the following button to view a list of holiday cottages with a BBQ to sleep 6 people or more.