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Cottages sleep 6  log fire

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
Dog friendly for 6
Self catering for 6

sleeps 6

Holiday cottages with a log fire- sleep 6


A log fire is the focal point of a room on cold winter evenings. We all love to huddle around a fire and watch the flames hiss and crackle as they lick over the logs. Men cannot help but tend the fire as if obeying some natural instinct.


Most of us cannot cope with the bother and mess of a log fire in our normal homes but love the experience on holiday. With renting holiday cottages, logs may or may not be included in the rental price - best to check.

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holiday cottages for 6 people and have a freezer


Self catering accommodation and log fires

It is not only holiday cottages that have log fires. there are also log cabins and even apartments, especially in period houses when chimneys were always part of the design.

There is all that sweeping up of ashes and cleaning the grate which is a good chore to give older children to help them appreciate the joys of central heating.

Take a box of matches or cigarette lighter. There may not be matches available. With self catering, the items that are at your disposal vary, some holiday cottage owners will ensure that everything is in place, others will expect you to provide it.