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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
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sleeps 6

Holiday cottages with a freezer - sleep 6


A freezer of some sort is very useful when self catering unless you plan to eat out most of the time. On a self catering holiday, the easiest thing is to arrive, settle in and unpack then pop down to the nearest supermarket for provisions. A freezer means that you can buy food for the week ahead if you wish and spend minimal time shopping. Even if you prefer to have fresh meat to frozen, most of us opt for an easy life when self catering and stock up on pizzas, meat ready prepared for the barbecue and a few microwave dinners for those times when you arrive back late and tired after a day trip sightseeing.

For anyone renting a holiday cottage in a remote location, a freezer is essential, otherwise it may entail lengthy round trips to the nearest town. Click on the following button to view a list of holiday cottages that sleep 6 people and have a freezer.



holiday cottages for 6 people and have a freezer


Holiday cottages with a freezer and kitchen essentials for 6 people

The necessity of a freezer in your holiday cottage is not so great if you are located in a town or city because it is always possible to call in at a nearby shop and stock up on everyday essentials.

The other thing to bear in mind when holidaying in Britain is that it is possible to place an order with a major supermarket and have it delivered. All this can be arranged before you depart for your holiday.

People staying in country cottages in the UK, in rural areas, sometimes have the possibility of deliveries straight from a farm, and also home-made food cooked and delivered to your door on request.