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Cottages for Christmas sleep 6

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
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sleeps 6

Holiday Cottages to rent for Christmas sleep 6


Christmas is approaching rapidly and a decision needs to be made about where to celebrate it. Staying at home is always easier because everything is at hand but going away is sometimes necessary if the in-laws come to stay and there isn't sufficient room to sleep everyone. Renting a holiday cottage for Christmas solves that problem.

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Cottages sleep 6 for Christmas



Preparing for Christmas is enough hassle in itself without worrying about presents, Christmas lunch, drinks and nibbles. One of the lovely things about renting a cottage or house for Christmas is that is should be already decorated. You may want to supplement the decorations with some holly and mistletoe but it could be a time saver. There are always pubs and restaurants for Christmas lunch is you would like to eat out and save the bother and effort of cooking. If a several generations of a family are coming together for Christmas, the cost is shared. the other way of making things easy is to order and collect 'Christmas in a box' from one of the better supermarkets.

Cottages to sleep 6 or fewer people for Christmas are relatively easy to obtain unless you also want a swimming pool, bear in mind that any cottage with a swimming pool for Christmas or New Year will be booked ahead of the rest.

Pets welcome cottages for Christmas

There are plenty of holiday cottages where you can be accompanied by your dog. It is wise to make sure that any guests that you invite to spend Christmas with you are not allergic to dogs or their visit may be brief.

Families spending Christmas together would feel bereft without their dogs. There are various large self-catering houses that can be booked for a Christmas holiday gathering. The festive season is peak time for large group self-catering, so do plan far ahead if you would like that dogs welcome large house to rent for Christmas, especially if you would like to also have a swimming pool, hot tub or open fire.