cottages sleep 6

self catering holidays in Cumbria for 6 people

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
Dog friendly for 6
Self catering for 6

sleeps 6

Holiday Cottages sleep 6 in the Lake District


The Lake District is a great haunt of walkers who go to trudge joyfully and sometimes with a vengeance up England's tallest hills.

It is a year round destination, walkers do not shy away from frost or biting winds, they simply dress warmly and wear stout boots. There is no deterrent for the passionate walker, they are easily identified because they will have a haversack on their back, an ordnance survey map in a plastic folder about their person, be wearing a cagoule and possibly a woolly hat with a pom pom.

Many of us are not passionate about walking to the same extent, we just like to ramble rather than cover miles, marvel at spectacular views and return home with a few good photographs. For the majority, we want to experience the Lake District the easy way, to drive to beauty spots and to marvel from the comfort of a bench or car.

The first step to a memorable break in the Lake District is to find somewhere to stay. A holiday cottage in the Lake District or self catering apartment might be just the thing if you do like your comfort. There are also log cabin holidays in the Lake District, some with spas attached. What could be nicer?