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Cottages Ireland sleep 6

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
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sleeps 6

Holiday Cottages sleep 6 in Ireland


Take yourself and the family away to Ireland, to a calm and green relaxing place where fishermen stand in sparkling rivers casting their flies, youngsters paddle in their dinghies and the beaches lie waiting for your footprints.

Counties Kerry and Clare are famous for their coastal views and natural beauty. Rent a holiday home in Ireland to sleep 6 people or more and have yourself a wonderful time. The Irish are a sociable breed who will stand and share a yarn with you in the street or in the pub. Make time for Ireland for a rewarding stay.


cottage sin Ireland sleep 6


Famous places that people visit during their holidays in Ireland

  • Dublin - the city is a top 10 short break destination, people love it!
  • The Blarney Stone in Cork and Kinsale for brilliant restaurants and fabulous views
  • Drive round the ring of Kerry for mountain views and stunning scenery. Good beaches also.
  • Tipperary in the south east is a name we're familiar with because of the old song. It also offers reams of history, medieval areas and ancient ruins.
  • The Giant's Causeway is in northern Ireland and those hexagonal building blocks of nature are impressive


3 bedroom holiday cottages in Kerry, Ireland to sleep 6 for family breaks

A three bedroom Irish holiday cottage is about the right size for families, especially if there are older children who would like their own bedroom and privacy. Traditional Irish cottages were simple whitewashed affairs out in the countryside with a long distance between neighbours. Modern Ireland has built a huge range of cottages, houses and smart city apartments to suit all tastes and budgets.

fishing holidays in IrelandDecide what you would like to do in Ireland and then decide where to stay. There is a huge number of holiday homes in Ireland to choose from. Some people like Theresa O'Neill escape to Ireland every school holiday for the sheer tranquility and possibility of unwinding, without a phone and endless demands.

Life can be simple, gentle strolls in the countryside, stop and watch horses gamboling in the fields. The more active may wish to go horse riding, sailing, golfing or fishing. Ireland is easily able to accommodate all these activities and indeed some people return for a fishing break to Ireland each year.