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dog friendly cottages sleep 6

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
Dog friendly for 6
Self catering for 6

sleeps 6

Dog friendly Holiday Cottages to sleep 6 people


Self catering is the best way for dog owners to have a family holiday and take their dog. People who love their dogs are loathe to leave them in kennels. There are dog friendly beaches everywhere, it is just case a of looking and renting a holiday cottage nearby. The lovely sandy beach on the left is in Jaywick near Clacton in Essex, it is a simple beach with public WC's nearby and a handful of fast food outlets. The beach never gets too crowded. The bigger seaside town will have restrictions on dogs on the beach but even in Devon there are dog friendly beaches in amongst the big Blue Flag resorts.

Go north to Cumbria, Northumberland and Scotland and suddenly there is a host of dog friendly beaches to choose from. The other advantage of going north is that there is also plenty of countryside and moorland for walks. The Highlands and remote locations in Scotland are highly recommended for holidays with a dog because people are few and far between and if you do meet someone, they are likely to have a dog of their own.

Travelling with a dog in the car is not the best, so most dog owners holiday not too far from home.

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pet friendly cottages sleep 6


Dog owners have to book pet friendly cottages by necessity if they want to take their dogs on holiday and know from experience what they can expect to find on arrival. There will be at least a dog water bowl although many people may prefer to take their own anyway. Holiday cottage owners will also only accept dogs by previous agreement and some will have restrictions on size and breed of dog. People should be familiar with any rules regarding pets and self catering before committing themselves.

It would be wise to go prepared with throws to place over sofas to prevent excessive soiling. You want to relax on holiday and not worry about paw prints over the furniture in your accommodation.


Disposing of doggy deposits

Local by-laws in Britain are keen on encouraging dog owners to dispose of doggy deposits and not foul streets or public places and most dog owners exercise due care and consideration for others. Special consideration is required in tourist destinations or on cottage complexes and holiday parks. This is less of a problem out in the wilds such as the Highlands of Scotland or on doggy walks in woodland.