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holiday cottages with kennels for dogs

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
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sleeps 6

Holiday cottages with kennels


A holiday cottage with a kennel is the perfect arrangement for a pet-friendly self-catering holiday; it solves the eternal problem of what to do with the dog when you go on holiday and also provides a means of leaving the dog behind when you go out for short trips.

There are various self-catering establishments where a dog, or indeed several dogs, are permitted. There may be secure areas where dogs can be left for a while or individual kennels.

See for a list of facilities available at holiday cottages

Some cottage owners even go as far as to offer a dog sitting service. This type of dogs welcome holiday accommodation is much in demand. Everyone wants to be able to get the most out of travelling to a new destination on holiday and despite trying to find places to visit where dogs are allowed, there are still plenty that ban dogs. A night out at the cinema or a visit to a theme park is possible if the dog can be left at your holiday accommodation for a day, in the knowledge that someone will pop in to make sure that your pet is fine.

Depending on the holiday cottages, a fee may be exacted for additional pet-related services.


Suggested destinations for pet-friendly self-catering holidays

The British love their pets and there are thousands of dogs welcome holiday cottages, visitor attractions and pubs around the British Isles and Ireland to cater for them.

Some dogs that are used to travelling by car for small journeys can cope with a slightly longer trip to go on holiday unlike cats that generally miaow plaintively throughout the journey.

The perfect pet-friendly holiday destination is one that isn't too far away. The best possible places to take dogs are rural areas or coast where they can be allowed to run free off a lead. The Isle of Wight is very good in this respect because it has hundreds of acres of beautiful countryside dotted with cows but not sheep that dogs might terrify. There are also woodlands and lots of beaches to walk dogs. Some of the very best dogs allowed all year round sandy beaches are on the Isle of Wight.