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Cottages sleep 6  cot for baby

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
Dog friendly for 6
Self catering for 6

sleeps 6

Baby friendly holiday cottages sleep 6 plus a cot for babies


Most child friendly holiday cottage owners will have a cot or two to provide you with for your self catering holiday. Some cots may be of traditional construction, others will be travel cots. Best to ask because travel cots are not really suitable for older babies.

Children usually sleep in a single bed when they are about two years old although opinion on this will vary. A self catering holiday with babies and toddlers in a cottage without child friendly facilities could be a bit of a nightmare. Steep stairs require stair gates for safety and worrying about your toddler falling out of a single bed could keep you awake. At home you could place spare pillows on the floor beside the bed to break a child's fall but there may not be spare pillows in a holiday home so best to choose accommodation with a cot, stair gates and any other baby related equipment you might need.

Cot bedding is often not provided in self catering accommodation - you would need to bring your own.

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holiday cottages for 6 people and have a freezer


Leaving your holiday cottage in a good condition

Babies and toddlers are naturally messy and we all know that looking after them is hard work. The cottage owners would appreciate highchairs, cots and any other baby equipment they loan you to be left in a clean condition. Cleaners who are employed to clean the cottages do not have the time to do a deep clean of everything in the property and food smears on highchairs may go unnoticed because of just a few hours turn around between lets.

If you arrive and spot dirty equipment, inform the cottage owner and they will sort it out. Before leaving, do please clean up after your child so that other guests do not experience the same problem. Any equipment should be wiped clean. Toys should be replaced tidily and not in a big heap. leave as you would like other guests to find it.