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Cottages sleep 6 New Year

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holiday cottages sleep 6

Cottages sleep 6
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New Year holiday cottages sleep 6 - for wintry breaks in Europe


New Year can be a choice between home breaks, ski or sun. Most people have leave over New Year and do not need to draw on other holiday entitlements.

Recent winters have been hard with plenty of snow across northern Europe. Skiing in Scotland has also been better than in most years. The people of Scotland still celebrate Hogmanay on New Year' Eve which is what holidaymakers going away for New Year want. It's the atmosphere that people seek which is hard to drum up when staying at home.

Various celebrations go on across northern Europe, bonfire parties and fireworks are set off at midnight. There are organised firework displays in Britain's large cities, mainly for tourists. The firework display in London over the Thames near Tower Bridge is excellent and worth seeing. Restaurants and clubs need to be booked for meals far in advance for New Year's Eve. Dinner and dancing has somewhat died out in England but there is still plenty of it in mainland Europe.

Eastern Europe is more like the UK twenty years ago, so if you would like a nostalgic New Year, go to eastern Europe and combine your New Year break with some skiing and a market or two. Festive lights will still be up and everywhere will be jolly and colourful. Try Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania.


New Year cottages sleep 6


New Year City breaks for 6

City breaks are quite good at New Year. Although cities never really sleep, Christmas and New Year see a change in normal acclivity. The run up to Christmas is mayhem in all cities with people scurrying to purchase those last minute presents and festive food. Christmas is generally spent quietly with families with a few venturing out for an after lunch walk. Similar activity occurs before and after New Year. In fact New Year's day is remarkably quiet everywhere as people get up much later having stayed up until well past midnight to welcome the New Year in and hear the bells.

We hope that we have given you a few suggestions and that you find some lovely cottages for New Year.